Yessflats Real Estate is a Barcelona company specialising in developing and

managing real estate projects, as well as in providing general guidance on real estate projects.

It is a product of the experience of a group of professionals from the real estate sector with over 90 years in the business.

Development of residential, industrial and service projects.

Yessflats builds and develops new buildings and refurbishes old buildings. We design and build homes thinking about the satisfaction and comfort of the people who will live in them.
Elegant designs and high standards of quality in the materials used are the primary tenets that guide all of our developments

Real estate project management and advice.

Yessflats specialises in the comprehensive management of real estate projects for third parties, either by presenting investment opportunities to our clients or by offering our real estate advice and consulting services to come up with the best solution for our clients’ needs.

  • We identify business opportunities.
  • Financial and market analysis.
  • Consulting in purchase and rental operations.
  • Consulting in purchase and rental operations.
  • Urban development and planning.
  • Advice on the development and construction of buildings.
  • Management and marketing of real estate projects.