Barcelona is a cosmopolitan, open and multicultural city where you will feel privileged to live.

A modern, Mediterranean city, it is also an important international business centre. Its contemporary architecture and cutting-edge design are recognised around the world. Famous for its wide-ranging cuisine, theatrical and cultural offerings, Barcelona is the most appealing South European city to live in. The character of Barcelona’s neighbourhoods is unlike that of any other large European city, as they make up an urban fabric that turn the city into a first-rate tourist destination. The city offers a high standard of well-being and quality of life, as well as a broad range of services in a harmonious setting. Its seaside location, extensive beaches and iconic parks are in perfect balance with the fine, year-round Mediterranean weather. That’s how time passes in Barcelona, as you enjoy the fresh air of the various nooks and crannies that you will discover in this city. Investing in Barcelona is a sure bet, and investing in Yessflats is a safe value.

Yessflats, YOUR NEW HOME


Golden Visa

With the purchase of YOUR NEW HOME, Yessflats offers the possibility of obtaining Spanish residency.

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Mortgage Direct

Offering fully independent mortgage advice and the best deals available.

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Key Currency

With the purchase of YOUR NEW HOME, Yessflats facilitates the best currency exchange.

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Iconic buildings

With its unique architecture, Barcelona has some of the world’s most emblematic buildings

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Barcelona and its neighbourhoods.

The city of Barcelona is home to many of Europe’s most charming neighbourhoods, full of colour and their own unique appeal.

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